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The Phoenix Programme

Renee Kapuku Ed.M

All it takes is one opportunity to change your life. One opportunity to share your work with the world. One opportunity to make a difference. It's always been one of my biggest goals in life - to create these transformative, experiential opportunities for those who deserve it most.

It's crazy to think that our flagship writing accelerator the Phoenix Programme is coming to an end soon. In just a few weeks, after 4 months of hard work, plenty late Zoom gatherings, and lots of good fun, our cohort will be publishing original work on Apple Books inspired by our chosen theme of the programme, identity.

Some of the highlights included:

- Having mentors and course instructors from Vogue, Penguin, Ship30for30, Harper Collins, and more, share industry insight and key learnings.

- Working one-on-one with brilliant minds to chart out careers and hear their stories.

- Proud moments when our cohort impressed our partners with their book proposals in a one-week turnaround.

It's been a rewarding experience. Major shout out to my co-founder Bejay Mulenga, the team at Apple and the team HarperCollins Publishers for making this year happen. On our way to the finish line for our first graduates!

For more information and to get in touch if you'd like to support our work:

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