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An Anthology


The Phoenix Programme Collective

​​An exploration into, and celebration of, identity.


Passing on the baton is very important. It’s a concept that has kept the titans of modern society, the thing that has fuelled legacy, the key to progression. Passing on the baton, means to give the opportunity to someone else, to keep the race running when your time is up. It means to transmit vital knowledge, skills, and development in areas that need innovation and new faces. It is crucial for helping the next generation rise from the ashes, and be reborn in a new way.


The Phoenix Programme is exactly that. It is a way in which we, as writers, entrepreneurs, programme designers and passionate creatives, come together to pass the baton on to those who will not only take up the spaces we fought for, but do better than we could have hoped for. 


'Birthing of a Phoenix: Identity' is the culmination and debut of the first cohort of the Phoenix Programme. After an intensive few months of learning and creating, our authors have come together to create an original piece which explores the ins and outs of identity. From explorations on race, gender and ethnicity, to deconstructing semantics, join us on the journey into the identities of the talented Phoenix Programme graduates as they birth their first official published anthology.


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